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ABQ Somos Pilates studio is a wonderful local space where you feel like a part of a community in addition to getting a great Pilates workout.  Zoom classes even have that feeling!


The instructors are fun and offer tips for posture correction as well as adjustments for different levels.  Lesson plans differ each week making it more interesting.


Whether the class is on the Reformer, Cadillac, Bodhi Suspension System, mat, ball, or other equipment, the exercises focus on enhancing strength, alignment, balance and individual improvement. 


Since developing my core muscles through the studio’s classes, I have improved my posture and no longer experience chronic lower back pain.  Thank you, ABQ Somos Pilates!

~ Becky Lowe, Software Developer

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Meredith is an incredible Pilates instructor (and owner) who pays attention to every detail of my work out.  She’s always prepared with a plan, provides precise instructions, and gives valuable feedback during the routine so I can get the most out of our sessions.  She likes to “mix it up” by trying new routines and making the sessions both challenging and fun.  She has the utmost concern for the client’s well-being. 


I’ve been coming to the Studio for 5 years and working with Meredith for 2+ years.  I started Pilates training to increase flexibility, build core strength and improve balance to help mitigate a chronic lower back problem. 


With her skilled guidance, I have been able to continue with golf, tennis and pain-free skiing.  I owe this to the staff of ABQ Somos Pilates and most particularly to Meredith.


- K. Murphy

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I've been taking Pilates classes from Meredith and ABQ Somos Pilates for more than 5 years. The programs Meredith provides are fun and also physically challenging; as my fitness improves, the difficulty of the workouts increases.  

Meredith is very sensitive to each student's physical issues at every class and directs that hour's workout to the student's specific needs that day.  If something hurts, we work to correct it and at the same time avoid adding to the injury.  If something is tight, we work on additional stretching on that area of the body.  

Pilates' stretching and strengthening is my way of counteracting my very sedentary job, something I should have done years ago.  I frequently tell Meredith and my friends that Pilates has saved my life because of the fitness and overall health improvements I've gained from doing Pilates workouts twice a week.

Since Meredith recently added the Bohdi Suspension System, I've replaced one of my two workouts with Bohdi. I love it!  I am building strength and endurance in so many muscle groups, including my core, and especially in the upper arms which need so much toning at my age (over 50).  I can now wear sleeveless tops and I feel so strong!

--Terri G.
Software Engineer